Enrich your brand experience with Okko-kun

In today’s retail environment we are overwhelmed by numerous choices. Whether we go shopping in our neighbor store or browse shops online, we are drowning under endless amounts of brands and labels. At the very same time, we are being bombarded by various advertisements that try to convince us to buy something. 

It is obvious that all these stimuli both confuse and exhaust us. Too many choices and too much information can even overwhelm us to the point where we end up choosing nothing at all.

So what can you do to make your brand stand out? How can you enrich your brand with a story that people can relate to? 

This is where our Okko-kun steps in.

Okko-kun is a character that helps advertisers to capture consumers’ attention and attach new meanings to their brands. Okko-kun broadens and deepens the possibilities with which advertisers and brands can communicate with their customers. Okko-kun works in both online and offline environments, and it can be attached to various brands.

So, to sum up, by engaging in collaboration with Okko-kun:

1.    You can increase attention and interest towards your brand
2.    You can make your brand more desirable
3.    You can tell new kinds of stories about your brand, and attach new meanings to it
4.    You can reach new markets and target groups.

If you want to hear more, get in touch with us, and let's discuss more!