What are successful brands made of?

It is a well-known fact that great advertisers and brands succeed by building intimate emotional connection with their customers. Apple, Nike, Red Bull and Starbucks are just few examples of “emotional branding”. These brands bring excitement, surprise and joy in customers’ life. 

Emotional branding differentiates brands from their competitors and helps to establish a lasting connection in the minds and hearts of consumers. An emotional dimension also gives a strong backbone in a fight against price-oriented rivals.

However, most brands can only dream of creating an emotional bond with consumers. Despite brands investing heavily in their visibility across all the possible platforms and channels, consumers easily ignore their effort or the emotional impact remains very weak.

Why is it so difficult to create emotional connection with consumers?

The problem is that most of the brands are approaching consumers with a “rational approach”: emphasizing price, technical quality or some other concrete features of the product. In this way brands might touch consumers on a cognitive level but fail to build emotional link. 

In order to create emotional connection a brand must have a personal story. This story should communicate “who” the brand is, where it comes from, what kinds of values and meanings it carries, and what it stands for. A personal story touches consumers’ emotions and is able to evoke feelings such as love and attachment. Furthermore, a story is what people remember and what they like to share. 

A story is the foundation of brand, and storytelling is strategy for success. We in Kotana Inc. want to help brands to create memorable stories. If you want to hear more, get in touch with us!