It's time to learn a new language: emoji!

Admit it, if you haven't used them yourself at least you must have heard about them. Or seen someone else use them. Emojis

Initially they were seen as a funny and casual way to communicate emotions in the digital space, but as Wired writes, we might be actually witnessing something completely different. Namely, the birth of a new language.

One further example comes from Finland, the first country in the world to release their own country-specific emojis

Emoji 'Happiness' - illustrating how to embed national flavour to an emoji

Emoji 'Happiness' - illustrating how to embed national flavour to an emoji

The emoji above illustrates - humorously - what happiness can mean for Finns: beating Sweden in ice hockey. Whether this actually happens or not is debatable, but it shows how emojis are becoming more and more refined and advanced. Thus, it is fair to say this visual language is evolving: just like spoken languages have evolved over the years.

To conclude, the visual is not here to trump the spoken language, but instead we can use it to convey emotions and thoughts in environments where written language might cause misunderstandings.

Moreover, if you or your company was an emoji, how would it look like? What would it convey?